[marakana.com] Java Kickstart for Test Developers [2012, ENG]

Java basics (1.5 days) Development environment: JDK, Eclipse Primitives vs. objects, values vs. references Variables, methods and control flow Classes: static vs. instance fields / methods Bean naming conventions: getters, setters - Interfaces and polymorphism Abstract classes and inheritance Enumerations Collections, design and best practices (1 day) Packages, imports, static imports Generics, and standard collections: List, Set, Map Navigating standard Javadoc Iterators and the Java 5 "foreach" loop "Value classes" vs. "Service classes" Immutability: final fields - Object.equals(), hashCode(), toString() IO and threading basics (1/2 day) IO: Files, input and output streams, readers and writers Proper exception handling and resource management Threads: start, join, executors, futures Discussion about issues in concurrent programming

Java Kickstart for Test Developers (magnetlink)